5.35pm: Pistols & Vultures

Pistols & Vultures are a collective of handsome, young(ish) lads introduced to one another by the desire to educate themselves in the glory of music. Although these scholars are neither cowboys nor ornithologists, the lead singer Carnell loves a tasselled leather jacket. Fred hits things well when his hair isn’t getting in the way and Reverend Green’s own brand of wailing sleeze-guitar has moulded them into a band of brotherhood unrivalled by Cain and Able…before the death. With no links to George Best, David Beckham or Eric Cantona, their newest masterpiece SEVEN is about to be everybody’s lucky number. Featuring a culmination of glassy guitars to rival Heisenberg’s blue product, wasabi hot riffs and beats that although not produced by Dre ….may require a doctor after listening to them; With ‘Dreamboat’ vocals so smooth you won’t believe it’s not butter


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    StowFiesta is a free annual community festival, organised by Stowmarket Town Council, which takes place at Chilton Fields, Stowmarket and features top quality musical acts from both the local area and further afield as well as family entertainment and a wide range of stalls. The festival launched as 'StowFest' in 2007, evolving into StowFiesta in 2014. The 2017 festival takes place throughout Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th June.